The xx’s Oliver Sim Opens Up on ‘The Hivecast’


On the xx‘s sophomore set Coexist, the suave British trio had a tall order in repeating the massive success of their self-titled debut. But on this latest episode of The Hivecast, the xx’s Oliver Sim tells Matt Pinfield that the new material came from a more personal place. ”A lot of the songs on the first album were written when you were 15, 16,” Sim says. “For me it wasn’t coming from a place of experience. It was still genuine  but a lot of building up my expectations and observations in looking at other people’s relationships and how I wanted things to turn out. This time around, I’m 22, 23 now and I actually have experiences. It was pretty cathartic; I was venting. It’s easy to forget about the outside world and where it’s going to go. I thought I’d be more cryptic than I was.”

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